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Inverness Swimming Club Rules and Guidelines for Entering Swim Meets


1.         Swimmers are encouraged to participate in Swim Meets throughout the year. The entry by a swimmer to a meet will be agreed in advance by the swimmer, their parents and the swimmers coach.


2 .        Information regarding a Meet and a Meet entry form will be emailed out to all eligible swimmers. The entry form will have a closing date on it. This is the date by which the entry form and entry fees MUST be received by the Meet Secretary. An application form and fee that fails to reach the Meet secretary by the stated closing date will result in an abandoned application. No email entries will be accepted. There will be no exceptions.


3.         Certain Meets are aimed at swimmers of a certain level. The swimmers coach will know which Meets during the year are appropriate for the swimmer.


4.         Meets may be restricted to swimmers with certain qualifying times or swimmers of a certain age. Meets may also restrict entry for certain distances. An example is that some Meets only allow swimmers to enter 50m races if they also enter 200m races in the same stroke. Meet restrictions can be found on the Meet Information.


5.         It is the parents and swimmers responsibility to read the information and ensure they are entering the correct races. Failure to do so will result in an abandoned application.


6.         Once the club that is organising the Meet receive all the entries they produce a draft programme. This will be sent out to all swimmers who successfully applied for the Meet. Again, it is the parents and swimmers responsibility to check that all the swims requested have been given. There may be `SCR` next to the swimmers name, this means the meet was over-subscribed and the swimmer has been scratched from this event. If `RES` is next to the name this means that the swimmer is a reserve in this event. If you are a reserve you are expected to turn up, you can withdraw before the Meet but you must inform the Meet secretary.


7.         All scratched swims are refunded. The club receives a cheque for all scratched swims after the meet is finished. The refund to the club may take up to 3 months after the meet before it arrives. The Treasurer will then refund the swimmers individually.


8.         North District Meets have an added requirement that any club entering swimmers must provide technical officials for each Meet session. The number of technical officials required is dependent on the number of club swimmers entering. Not every swimmer applying will necessary get their swims if the club cannot provide the correct quota of officials (see club guidelines re North District Meets).


9.         If you have questions regarding a Meet contact The Meet Secretaries (Heather Magill and Cathy Lee) who are at the poolside at least 3 times a week, or email (invernessswimmingclub@live.co.uk) and we will answer your query. Please try to ask about Meets prior to closing dates as the clubs application is time critical.

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